British Delivery Co.

for Delivering Goods

+965 1808035

British Delivery Co.

for Delivering Goods

+965 1808035

ABOUT British Delivery Co.

Deivering goods in an efficient manner is what we proudly consider as our company's mission. The ease and comfort of the delivery services in a broader look and our services in a much specific perspective is that vision we proudly pledge upon. We at British Delivery pledge to deliver you your world.

Time Accuracy

Competitive Prices

Fast Delivery

How to Order?

  1. From & To (Sender & Receiver) addresses; Block, Street, Avenue, House
  2. Phone number for both sender & receiver
  3. Full payment details including delivery fees


We deliver clothes, electronics, flowers, food, gifts, documents and your every day needs.

  • Every day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • We deliver to the various areas of Kuwait
  • More than 10 representives equipped with modern cars to ensure fast and quality service

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